About Kinglight
LED Package

LED package, MGL is subsidiary of Kinglight –Top 3

LED package manufacturer in China, equipped with world-advanced 900 more LED packaging auto lines. To meet production demands for 6.5 Billion pcs LEDs monthly.

LED Cleanroom

10,000 grade Clean room workshop, temperature, humidity , and pressure are controlled as necessary.

Every worker wear ESD Clothes before start working. Make sure no dust , dot and reduce the failure rate when assembling.

LED Driver

MGL made the driver by own, production in the 4th floor with 2,000 square meters, 50 staffs, more than6 R&D engineers. Capacity : 5,000 pcs/Day

Key components: YM capacitor.

0/1-10V, Dali, Traic, Push, flicker-free driver are available.

Aging test: 12Hrs for regular driver.

24Hrs for Dimming driver.

LED Welding Robots

MGL imported 4 sets MOTOMAN-MA1440 Robots from Japan

Double-Sides welding Technology ensures strong structure, seamless design.

Improve the welding quality and efficiency